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We will no longer be providing Land Divisions, Replats, or map and tract boundary surveys.

Beginning March 18, 2022 we will no longer be offering ILR’s.

We will no longer keep regular business hours, or receive office visits. I can arrange to meet you at your project site, and if you leave a phone message or email, I will get back to you as soon as I can. We won’t have a fulltime phone receptionist or email receptionist.

We will still be providing FEMA Elevation Certificates in Valencia County, including the municipalities of Los Lunas, Peralta, Bosque Farms, Belen and unincorporated areas of the county.

These will be for flood insurance, building permits and mobile home permits and compliance certificates
for new construction. Call 505-865-0396 and leave a message, or email us at [email protected].

I continue to be a Certified Floodplain Manager and will bring that expertise and experience to your project. We will use state of the art GPS and GNSS surveying tools to perform your project.

We will also provide lot surveys (also called stake surveys or boundary surveys ) in Rio Grande Estates, and Tierra Grande Subdivisions in Valencia and Socorro Counties.

These surveys will include rebars set at the corners of the lot, with a metal fence post next to the rebar with a 7 foot tall PVC pipe over the fence post for visibility. They will include a 8 1/2” x 11” plat of survey reporting our findings and will include latitude and longitude on a corner of the lot. We can provide a turn-by-turn map to help you find the lot, or if you are having trouble finding your lot, we will take you out there and show you the corners.

We love to work out there in the wide open spaces, and provide these lot surveys for people from all over the world.

Email me at [email protected] and let me know who you are, the description of the property, including the county, subdivision name and Unit number, and the Lot and Block number, and I will email you a written proposal and agreement with a price and time frame. If the agreement suits you, just sign
it, email it back to me with the payment, and we will get you on the schedule.

Surveying Services in Los Lunas, NM

  • *FEMA Certificates by a professional surveyor and certified floodplain manager
  • *Stake survey’s in Rio Grande Estates


Since 1987, David Tibbetts Surveying Company has provided reliable, accurate surveying services for clients throughout Los Lunas and Valencia County, NM.
We presently offer FEMA Elevations Certificates in Los Lunas, and the surrounding Valencia County area.
We also provide boundary surveying in Rio Grande Estates Subdivision and Tierra Grande Subdivision, in Valencia and Socorro Counties.
We have been providing these specialized services for over three decades, relying on a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide accurate information to our clients.
David Tibbetts is New Mexico Professional Surveyor # 10024 and has over 40 years of surveying experience.
David Tibbetts is also a New Mexico Certified Floodplain Manager, Certificate # NM-10-00277. As a CFM he has a particular interest in helping people with their flood zone and flood insurance concerns.

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