Los Lunas FEMA Certificates

Need FEMA certificates for your Los Lunas, NM property? For over 30 years, David Tibbetts Surveying Company has prepared FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate reports, helping you understand your property’s elevation compared to the base flood elevation of the area. Whether you’re buying, selling, building or remodeling, we’ll make sure you’re compliant with flood plain management ordinances and help you get an accurate assessment of your property’s risk for flooding.

Do You Need a FEMA Certificate?

Before you buy any property, you need to determine whether it’s safe. If you’re making a purchase in a flood zone—or Special Flood Hazard Area as determined by FEMA—you need a full understanding of any risks involved. In some cases, your property may require flood insurance. Either way, you need the help of a licensed surveyor who offers accurate surveys and FEMA certificate services in Los Lunas, NM.

FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates

During our flood elevation certification, we survey your property and give you an accurate reading of your risk of flooding. Certificates can also help you initiate Letter of Map Change process to remove your property from inaccurate flood zones, instantly increasing your property value and decreasing the price you pay for insurance.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service at affordable rates, using attention to detail and an understanding of surveying best practices to make obtaining your certificate—and getting the proper insurance premium rate that reflects your interest—as smooth as possible.

Schedule Your Flood Elevation Inspection Today

David Tibbetts Surveying Company is the team you can trust to survey your property to help you obtain FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates. Call us today at 505-865-0396 to discuss your flood survey and elevation certificate needs. As local surveyors, we know the region best, and we know what it takes to ensure you get a quick and accurate survey.