We have provided comprehensive boundary surveys, large and small, in the Los Lunas area for 35 years.

However, at the present time we are confining our boundary surveying to the Rio Grande Estates and Tierra Grande Subdivisions in Valencia and Socorro Counties.

Rio Grande Estates Subdivision is a large area subdivided by Horizon Corporation in the 1960’s. Infrastructure development and homebuilding has not reached this area sixty years later, and it remains wide open mesa land with few roads, and hardly any utilities.

The land was marketed to people from all over the U.S. and to many people overseas who bought the land with hopes for its future value. In the past few years, a large amount of interest has appeared from people that bought the land years ago, or have inherited a lot or two from parents, or who have recently bought a lot over the internet for a low price. The problem is: “I have the latitude and longitude of the lot, but where are the lot corners, and how do I get there?”

We have enjoyed going out on that wide open mesa land and finding the location of those lots for the last thirty years. We probably know more about retracing those lots than any surveyor working in the area today. We know exactly what to look for, and how to determine the location of your lot corners. We can do it effectively, economically, and accurately. We also find that area beautiful and refreshing to the soul.

Tierra Grande Subdivision was developed in the 1970’s and has larger lots, with a five acre minimum lot size.

It is a beautiful place that we enjoy surveying. Many of the roads are improved, and power has
extended to many lots. It has restrictive covenants and building standards enforced by an intelligent, constructive land owners association, Tierra Grande Improvement Association.

If you need a boundary survey in Rio Grande Estates or Tierra Grande, please contact us.
We enjoy working out there. If you can’t find your lot with our turn by turn directions, we will take you out there and show you.