Services and Fees

Improvement Location Reports (ILR)
Improvement location reporting is the preparation of an Improvement Location Report, which is a narrative report, which may be accompanied by a sketch, and which is issued only to a title, abstract or escrow company or a lending institution for their exclusive use in determining such things as insurability or value of a tract of land. It is not a property boundary survey.

An ILR is usually ordered by a title company or lender. In cases where homeowners are required to order ILRs, we’re happy to work with you to provide the proper information to your lender or title company.

Our prices for ILRs  range from $225+tax for a lot and block description in a platted subdivision in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho or Valencia County,  to $550 +tax for larger, more complicated properties. Commercial and ranch properties may be more than that. Please call for a current price list or a quote on a specific property.

To order an ILR, please call Chade at (505) 865-0396, or email her at  We will need a copy of the title insurance commitment.


FEMA Elevation Certificates
FEMA Elevation Certificates are a report prepared by a surveyor describing the FEMA flood
hazard classification of a property and the physical characteristics of the property and structure
that will inform flood plain ordinance administrators, insurance agents and FEMA specialists to:
a.  Issue building and mobile home permits on proposed structures with restrictions that comply
with the National Flood Program requirements.
b.  Confirm compliance with these requirements on newly constructed homes or structures.
c.  Determine appropriate flood insurance premium rates,
d.  Support requests for FEMA actions to change the flood hazard designation for a parcel or
structure, such as a LOMA, LOMR LOMR-F, or so called LOMC.

You would need this certificate if you are trying to obtain a building or mobile home permit,
buying flood insurance, or requesting FEMA review of your property. The information supplied by
this certificate may also be of great value before the purchase of a parcel  because it would
disclose the costs associated with building on the site.

Call for price for an elevation certificate at your location.

We accept VISA and MasterCard.

To order an Elevation Certificate, please call Chade at (505) 865-0396.

Boundary Surveys

We are presently offering boundary surveys in Rio Grande Estates, and Tierra Grande subdivisions in Valencia and Socorro Counties.

Boundary surveying is the determination, description, portraying, measuring or monumentation
of the boundaries of a tract of land.   You might get a boundary survey to:
a. Find property boundaries and determine the acreage of a parcel to:
1. purchase or sell a parcel with benefit of a professional surveyor’s opinion.
2. to build improvements or put up a fence.
3. describe previously unsurveyed parcels.
4. Mortgage a parcel. Your lender may require a boundary survey.
b. Resolve a boundary dispute, or trespass or encroachment question

A boundary survey will include stakes at your property corners and some easement corners, and
may include a plat of survey, which is a map reporting our findings to you. This plat may be filed
for record in the office of the county clerk to serve as public record if necessary.

The price of a boundary survey is estimated from a number of factors.

Stake Surveys
See Boundary surveys. They are usually the same in common parlance. David Tibbetts
Surveying does not currently offer construction staking for building, utility or road projects.

Call for a quote.

Land Divisions
We do not presently offer land divisions.